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Hello there 👋 

I am Masuk Sarker Batista, Founder & CEO of MSB Digital.

I also established MSB Academy and MSB Jobs platform. Moreover, I am the co-founder of Geniematic which is an artificial intelligence (AI) based SaaS.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with really cool clients like Figma, Glorify, Kittl, and have worked with more than 370+ clients over the years.

I am also an Online Instructor and serve courses for over 120,000+ students all over the world. My Personal YouTube channel has 160k+ active subscribers.

This MSB Digital site is all about software and marketing to help you grow your business 🚀

Lots of software that we feature helps us to save thousands of dollars in subscription fees every month! That’s why we are so excited about lifetime deals and discounted SaaS and always keep them on the lookout.

The problem is many of them are not worth buying.

  • Not stable
  • Poor support
  • Lousy growth plan
  • Buggy
  • Lack of integrations
  • Wrong direction

These are just some of the common problems…

But don't worry! We bring you massive discounts and exciting lifetime offers on SaaS products right on time to ensure you don’t miss them. What makes us distinctive from other companies is that we not only promote the deal but also review it in detail, include features and functions, and even show you how it works.

Our mission is to serve startups and individuals seeking affordable SaaS solutions.

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– Masuk Sarker Batista